Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Trailer Reveals Intense Gameplay And Surprising Revelations (VIDEO)

Episode Ignis Trailer

There have been a great many new game reveals as part of Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, enough so that the new Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis trailer flew a bit under the radar. As the name of the DLC implies, the third and last of the three FFXV companion-related DLC focuses on everyone’s favorite chef and babysitter, Ignis. While the official teaser trailer for Episode Ignis that aired this past summer gave viewers a sneak peek at the upcoming DLC, the new Episode Ignis trailer reveals to viewers the full scope of the events that take place during the upcoming content. Keep in mind that the trailer does contain spoilers for Final Fantasy XV. Check it out below:

The new Episode Ignis trailer should excite fans of Final Fantasy XV, as it answers a few very important questions regarding the events that took place during the climactic battle at Altissia. Not only is it revealed that Ignis ends up squaring off against Ardyn, it is also revealed that he spends at least part of the DLC fighting side by side with Lunafreya’s brother, Ravus. That said, arguably the biggest reveal of the trailer is the real reason why Ignis lost his sight. The initial teaser trailer for the DLC suggested that Ignis’ eyes were damaged while fighting against enemy soldiers, though based on the final parts of the trailer it appears that Ignis’ use of Noctis’ Ring of the Lucii inevitably cost him his sight. While normally using the Ring of the Lucii would cost anyone not “chosen” their life, it is likely that the situation and Ignis’ relationship with Noctis lessened the damage dealt to his body.

Episode Ignis Trailer

On a lighter note, the Episode Ignis trailer also shows off some of the magic-heavy gameplay Ignis is typically known for. While players are able to alter Ignis’ equipment and skill during the main campaign of Final Fantasy XV, during the DLC he will be using spelldaggers that “can be imbued with elemental properties,” and he also has access to his ‘Total Clarity’ ability, which allows him to attack multiple enemies at once. Outside of combat, Ignis will have access to a grappling hook that will allow him to quickly maneuver along the rooftops of Altissia. At some point Ignis will also be driving a speedboat, while dodging debris from the ongoing battle between Titan and enemy gunships in the background. Episode Ignis will be available to download on December 13, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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