Far Cry 5 Guns For Hire Trailer Introduces All Potential Allies (VIDEO)

Far Cry 5 Guns

Gamers are very much looking forward to Far Cry 5, not just because it is looking to be one of the biggest titles of 2018, but also because of the new aspects it will bring to the franchise. The newest core entry in the series will bring the action to a North American setting, and the new recruitment system in the game has intrigued many. The player’s fight against the Eden’s Gate cult has been revealed to have an impact on the game’s local Resistance who will potentially aid the player. Now, a new Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire trailer introduces the skilled characters that can join the cause. See for yourself in the video below:

Ubisoft has released the new Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire video on their official US YouTube channel. Each of the Guns for Hire’s unique skills and personalities are highlighted with these introductions. Nick Rye is a soon-to-be father who seeks to help rid his county of the Eden’s Gate cult by piloting his plane Carmina, which has forward-mounted guns and deployable bombs. Jess Black is a stealthy archer who has an unspecified reason for vengeance. Hurk Drubman, Jr., who previously appeared in Far Cry 3 and 4, has a powerful RPG that can launch heat-seeking missiles.

Players who enlist Adelaide Drubman, a real estate agent, can call upon her to fly in with her weaponized pink helicopter. Sharky Boshaw’s penchant for fire makes his weapons likely to enflame enemies. Honored veteran Grace Armstrong is a well-trained sharpshooter who hopes to see the evil cult gone from her town. Lastly, Boomer is a loveable dog whose owners were killed by Joseph Seed’s men. The very good boy can bring hunted animals and enemy weapons to the player, as well as help take a bite out of the opposition. Choices made in the game will determine whether each individual character will want to join the cause. Surely with a cast this colorful and vibrant, how could anyone not want to catch them all?

What do you guys think about this new Far Cry 5 Guns for Hire video? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Far Cry news, such as the details about the season pass, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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