Fan Envisions What A John Wick NES Game Would Look Like (VIDEO)

John Wick NES Game

A trend that was common on the NES was game adaptations of popular action films, but it was fascinating to see how many of these were based on R-rated films. Given the NES’s primitive graphics, it is interesting to see such hyper violent films recreated with colorful graphics and peppy chiptune songs. With John Wick 3 opening in theaters this past weekend, one fan has chosen to celebrate by creating a game that envisions what a John Wick NES game might have looked like.

JoyMasher has shared their NES game on their YouTube channel. With graphics by Danilo Dias and music by Dominic Ninmark, the game follows the common side scrolling action shooter model popularized by NES games like Contra. The player controls a blue-tinted, 8-bit version of Keanu Reeves, who runs and shoots at enemies, including ninjas.

The clip ends with John Wick taking on an attack helicopter head-on, evading various forms of enemy fire. The game is not available for anyone to play, but thankfully there is the likes of John Wick Hex in the works. While that one will likely not follow a retro style like this mock-up, at least fans can dream of a world where John Wick’s dog revenge stories could have been played on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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