Fan Creates Actual Doomfist Gauntlet to Control New Hero in Overwatch (VIDEO)

Doomfist gauntlet

Fans of the popular first-person shooter Overwatch have been waiting for a very long time to see Doomfist join the roster and finally this week their dreams came true. One such fan went the extra mile and created his very own Doomfist gauntlet that actually controls the in-game character during play. ATwerkinYoshi is known for doing such things, like in the past when he played Dark Souls 3 using a Rock Band drum controller, but this creation is so much cooler!

His Doomfist gauntlet in reality is just a boxing glove with a Wii remote motion controller fastened to it and it controls the hero using hand movements. According to a Reddit post by ATwerkinYoshi,

The idea is simple: Throw a punch, punch in game. Uppercut, uppercut in game! Flail around and you might do some weird combo hahaha! Motion controls still needs fine-tuning, but since Doomfist is in PTR I have time to perfect it. For a days work, I think it turned out great!”

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According to the creator, the homemade Doomfist gauntlet controls primary fire, his Ultimate, and jumping by pressing buttons, while he uses the Wii nunchuck to aim.

I press a button to start the charge and punch to activate the punch (so just doing a punching motion will do an uncharged punch). During the testing phase, I did get it to charge when I winded back the punch. However, that motion triggered a ton of axis tilts and could accidentally activate another skill so I had to scrap that idea for now.”
The fact that this dude managed to do this in 24 hours is super impressive! What do you think of this rigged up Doomfist gauntlet? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below and then head to the DFTG Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest gaming news 24/7!

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