Fallout 4: New Vegas Project Now Hiring, Here’s What They Are Looking For

The folks behind the incredible project blending the worlds of Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas have done amazing work throughout the years and they are gaining in on that finish line. Now that we know Bethesda has officially given the greenlight, it’s time for the team to crack down and push towards that worthwhile goal they’ve been eyeing since day one. Interested in being a part of it? Here’s how!

The F4NV team recently provided another update on what exactly those interested need to do before putting in an application. The crew is looking for all sorts of positions, including voice work, so it’s time to dust off that professional mic of yours and get cracking! Just, you might want to read their guidelines first:

1. Always include a link with a sample of your acting. Without a sample to go off of, it’s impossible for us to see what you may or not have to offer the project, and so will be forced to skip over your application.

2. Always make sure that your sample is publicly accessible. If you use something like Google Drive, for instance, make sure you have permissions set on your acting sample so that we can actually access it. Given the volume of applications we’ve seen, we can’t really contact everybody to ask for permissions to see their sample, and so we’ll end up skipping over your application.

3. Make sure your sample is relevant to the project. Don’t send us something that only contains your normal speaking voice or something that isn’t related to voice acting (such as gameplay videos on twitch). Instead, send us a demo that shows us your skills as a voice actor, and act out a some lines of your preferred character. Rather than showing us your potential to be a voice actor, send us something concrete that shows exactly what you are able to deliver as a member of the team. Otherwise we need to simply guess based upon your application, and you’re likely to be overlooked in favor of somebody who is acting the part.

4. Make sure your recording is as clean as possible. If you don’t have access to a vocal booth, research some DIY solutions on how to minimize reflections from your room being picked up by your mic. There are plenty of tutorials offering some great tips on this out there, and they can really make a huge difference!

5. There aren’t really any “small” roles in Fallout New Vegas. So keep in mind that, should you get accepted, you’ll be expected to record hundreds (if not thousands) of lines in the same manner with a consistent sound. Even the simplest characters require hundreds of lines at times, and so applications stating that you only want to do a couple of lines often get looked over due to practical concerns.

6. Make sure your sample is of high quality. An MP3 at 44.1khz 192kbps or higher is acceptable, but we prefer a high quality WAV. Don’t use Vocaroo – it compresses your audio, and gives us a lower quality sample, which makes it unlikely that it’ll sound as good as it should, and means we’re likely to not accept your sample.

7. Microphones like the Blue Yeti, while fantastic for streaming, are the absolute minimum requirement. They often cannot record in a high enough quality for our purposes unless being used in perfect conditions. Equipment like headset mics simply cannot record audio that meets our standards, and so will likely produce samples we will skip over.

8. We base your merit as a voice actor on the gear you have now, not what you may have in the future. We absolutely don’t want people spending their hard earned money in order to contribute to our project. Use the gear you already have.

The team has quality in mind and that makes sense with how long this has been in the works. With that in mind, following the above guidelines will increase those chances of getting signed on and joining this incredible project. Now that Bethesda having given the final greenlight for this to proceed, it’s time to take the next steps to ensure it’s as perfect as it can possibly be!

To learn more, check out the official Fallout 4: New Vegas site right here.

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