“Everything Was From Zero” – Hideo Kojima Reflects Back On 2016 With Message to his Fans

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A very Happy New Year’s Eve, friends! As we prepare to welcome 2017 into our lives, and leave behind 2016 (with some minor relief), it’s time to reflect on the past months for the good and bad that they have been. One such person we can look up to for some inspiration in doing so is none other than Hideo Kojima, creator of Kojima Productions and the man who took the gaming community by storm with his PSX announcement of Death Stranding.Kojima Productions

Looking back on the past year, Kojima took to his Twitter account thanking all of his fans for their unerring support while he worked to get his new studio off the ground. After over two decades at Konami, Kojima left the company due to conflicts that still remain a mystery yet never ceased to horrify fans. This separation from Konami’s team, and the cancellation of Silent Hills after P.T.’s successful launch (followed by Guillermo Del Toro’s emphatic response to that), have all been leading to a culmination of challenges for Kojima over the past 12 months. It certainly has been a tough climb for Kojima, starting his own production studio, though it has been a climb well worth it as the creator has finally made great strides we can all definitely get behind. Following these changes, and looking to a bright future ahead,  Kojima took to Twitter and spoke up about his transition and his thanks to fans who “support the dream to come true”:

This is a touching message as Kojima reaches out to those who showed support during these massive changes despite the odds stacked against him. While Kojima Productions is still considered an independent publisher, it’s already made waves teaming up with Sony on the upcoming mysterious title that captivated audiences during the PlayStation Experience this year. Whatever challenges the future holds, we know that Hideo Kojima is well equipped to handle them, and we can only support him from here on out.

What do you think of Kojima’s emphatic thank you to his fans? Do you believe 2017 will prove to offer us great content from Kojima Productions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and Happy New Year!

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