Naughty Dog Delays Uncharted Classic Mode Right Before Launch

Angry gamers swamped the Playstation forums on Friday as Naughty Dog announced that the return of the beta playlist for classic mode would not be rolling out this weekend. This came as a surprise, since the announcement was made hours before launch.

Naughty Dog tweeted the news at the last minute, linking to an official statement on the Playstation website, cryptically citing “a recent issue involving profile progress”.

Classic is intended to be a more hardcore multiplayer experience. As stated by Naughty Dog, “a back-to-basics mode that focuses on core combat and movement. There’s no in-match Store, Radar, Mysticals, downed state, or Sidekicks and Heavy Weapons will spawn around the map.”

Let us know how you feel about this last minute change in the comments below. Will you be enjoying Rainbow Six Siege free weekend instead?

Joshua Hogg73 Posts

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