Epic Games Store Won’t Accept “Crappy” Titles, Says Epic CEO

Epic Games Store Won't Accept "Crappy" Titles, Says CEO

The Epic Games Store has proven time and time again now that it is here to stay, shaking things up in what was – and admittedly still mostly is – a Steam dominated landscape. With a significantly better profit revenue split for developers and the promise of free games, though, Epic is certainly here to shake things up….it just won’t make any time for “crappy’ titles.

Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney recently spoke to the folks over at PC Gamer about the decision process on what titles to accept into the loving embrace of the Epic Games Store, revealing that the fledgling platform won’t be making any time for less than worthy titles. “We’ll have a quality standard that doesn’t accept crappy games,” Sweeney said. “We’ll accept reasonably good quality games, of any scale, whether small indie games to huge triple-A games, and we’ll take everything up to, like, an R-rated movie or an M-rated game.”

A GTA game would be fine to us, but Epic’s not going to distribute porn games or bloatware or asset flips, or any sort of thing that’s meant to shock players. The PC’s an open platform and if we don’t distribute it in our store you can still reach consumers directly.”

It is of course obviously ideal that the Epic Games Store will have standards, especially the recent blowback due to Steam’s open door policy. Sweeney didn’t exactly state the ‘how’ behind what the platform will do to curate games, though it will apparently include a human touch. “We’re not going to have something like the console certification process involved in releasing a game, but I think we’ll be aware of the quality of what’s submitted prior to making a decision to list it in the store… somehow. Humans can make those judgment calls, and they’ll be pretty reasonable.”

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