Elden Ring Developer Offers New Development Update

Elden Ring Developer

With 2021 finally here, gamers are looking forward to all of the new games coming to brighten the industry in the coming future. One such game that loyal FromSoftware fans have been eagerly waiting for has been Elden Ring. First announced back in 2019 by the fan-favorite developer, Elden Ring showed much promise as it was confirmed that George R. R. Martin would be involved with the game. Martin even suggested the project allowed him to “unleash his creativity.” The updates regarding the game’s progress since then have been few and far between, but now an Elden Ring developer has provided some news on the game’s progress.

FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao recently provided a hearty New Year’s message on their official Twitter account. The Elden Ring developer specifically wished to thank those that voted for Elden Ring to win the most anticipated game award at The Game Awards 2020. The game won the award, beating out such highly anticipated games as Halo Infinite, and the sequels to God of War and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In light of this, Kitao expresses confidence and hope for the game’s continued development in 2021.

The Elden Ring developer also acknowledges that the challenges of 2020 are still going to be present in 2021, but hopes fans can still remain safe this new year and remain patient for Elden Ring’s arrival. No other specifics for the game’s progress are mentioned, but after months of silence, this and recent rumors might point towards some new images or footage being released soon. Until the next update though, hopefully FromSoftware fans stay healthy until then. 2020 was a rough year, but for now, consider staying home a safe bonfire.

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