Elden Ring Allowed George R. R. Martin To “Unleash His Creativity”

Elden Ring Alloyed George R. R. Martin To "Unleash His Creativity"

Elden Ring had an impressive first reveal at E3 2019, showing off your typical From Software Souls-like cinematics with a unique George R. R. Martin twist. With the legendary Game of Thrones writer responsible for creating the game’s “overarching mythos,” many have begun to wonder just how far down into the proverbial rabbit’s hole George R. R. Martin went in order to help create the world of Elden Ring. According to From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki, working on the game allowed the writer to “unleash his creativity.”

Speaking to IGN about the new game, Miyazaki revealed that George R. R. Martin created the world of Elden Ring in such a way that it existed long before the player’s role within the game. Because there was yet to be any player interaction in the world the writer was building, it allowed him to “unleash his creativity,” Miyazaki said. “Storytelling in video games – at least the way we do it at FromSoftware – comes with a lot of restrictions for the writer,” Miyazaki said.

I didn’t think it was a good idea to have Martin write within those restrictions. By having him write about a time the player isn’t directly involved in, he is free to unleash his creativity in the way he likes. Furthermore, as From Software we didn’t want to create a more linear and story-driven experience for Elden Ring. Both issues could be solved by having Martin write about the world’s history instead.”

Given the fact that Martin is first and foremost a writer, it was also asked if a novelization of the game would ever be considered, though according to Miyazaki this wouldn’t jive with what From Software tends to do with its games. “A novelization would mean that all the secrets and mystery hidden in our game would be revealed,” Miyazaki said. “From the point of view of a director, I’m not sure if that would be the right thing to do.”

Elden Ring will release at some point in the future for Xbox One, as well as for PC and PlayStation 4.

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