Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry 5 Director Teases New Project

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The director of Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry 5 teased a new project, and it has fans deliberating what it could be. There’s plenty of room for speculation. Considering the events of last year where an unfortunate ransomware attack breached Capcom’s network resulted in a massive leak that not only jeopardized PII (personally identifiable information) of its staff, business partners, and customers, but of the projects Capcom was keeping under wraps.

Yet the show must go on. New games and projects are constantly under development and consequently subject to change. In light of the end of another turbulent year, Dragon’s Dogma director – Hideaki Itsuno – announced that a “new project” is under way. Without knowing the likelihood of mistranslation, Itsuno mentioned in a recent Twitter post that it is “parallel” to Devil May Cry 5. Perhaps another DLC is in the works? Better yet – another game. Check out the announcement below:

Then there’s the possibility of Itsuno teasing Dragon’s Dogma 2. The aforementioned network breach identified a number of titles that Capcom kept classified, which included the sequel to the 2012 hit action RPG. With that said, that doesn’t mean Itsuno’s Twitter post was suggesting anything of the sort. After all, he could be working on multiple projects at a time…but one can certainly hope.

Despite the trials and tribulations that 2020 brought, there were a great deal of fantastic video games the industry got to witness. The Game Awards recognized The Last of Us Part 2 as game of the year, which was nominated alongside other stellar experiences like Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII Remake, DOOM Eternal, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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