New Dungeons & Dragons Monster Will Put Low Level Players To The Test

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Tabletop players are no stranger to the dangers a Dungeons & Dragons monster can pose at any level. A solid GM knows how to balance encounters to suit the party level, but it can be difficult to find a challenge at lower levels that won’t result in a Total Party Kill (TPK). Mike Mearls, Senior manager of the D&D design team and one of the lead designers for Fifth Edition, has created a new build that will offer some terrifying challenges for low-level players.

Mearls is best known for his weekly stream on Twitch called “Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour,” a place where he provides input on early designs for monsters and subclasses. This week he unveiled a new Dungeons & Dragons monster design that will change the game a bit: the Blazing Skeleton. While the Blazing Skeleton isn’t a new monster in the game, they’ve not yet been featured in Fifth Edition. Here is his new take on an old classic posted on Twitter:

This design hasn’t been playtested or balanced yet, but a quick glance reveals that this is not your ordinary Blazing Skeleton. This new to Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons monster is a threat in both ranged and melee combat, dealing fire damage to close combatants and shooting explosive embers that deal considerable splash damage to players a distance off. Of course, this creature can also explode on death, dishing out more damage and increasing the possibility of more Blazing Skeletons respawning in the future.

While this Dungeons & Dragons monster may seem a bit OP for low-level players, it is rated a CR1 monster meaning a party of 4 level 1 characters should be able to survive the encounter. This creature is also particularly weak against bludgeoning damage, making it easy prey for a barbarian, fighter, or monk. Players may find this creature a tough challenge, and while not yet balanced, it could be a fun addition to your next campaign.

What do you think about the Blazing Skeleton for Fifth Edition? How could it improve? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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