Moffat and Gattis Developing a New Dracula Television Series

Dracula Television Series

Series 10 of the modern run of Doctor Who is nearing its end in a few weeks, and with it marks the end of Steven Moffat’s run as head writer for the series. With his departure, many fans have been wondering what project he will tackle next, especially considering no new episodes appear to be in the works for the Sherlock series that he co-created along with Mark Gatiss. Now, it appears that Moffat and Gatiss have their next big tv project, with reports indicating the two are developing a new Dracula television series.

Variety is reporting that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss will write the new Dracula series, and this new addition to Dracula lore will be a miniseries consisting of feature-length episodes, just as Gatiss and Moffat did with their Sherlock show. This will be the pair’s first collaboration since the last season of Sherlock finished airing earlier this year. Very little additional information about this new show has been given, so it is unclear whether or not the series will take place in a historical time period, to match the original Dracula 1897 horror novel, or if the series will be set in the modern day to match the adaptation style of its brother series Sherlock.

No casting information has been given either regarding this new Dracula series, but Moffat and Gatiss have proven themselves very capable of producing great work no matter the franchise. Expect a Dracula series well worth sinking your teeth into. What do you guys think about this new Dracula television series? What aspect of classic Dracula lore do you hope to see in this new version? Let us know in the comments below!

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