Rainbow Six Siege Newest Operator Leaked Early – Meet The Hacker Dokkaebi

Her name translates to “Goblin” hence the green, vertically stretching lines that cover the artwork for Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator, Dokkaebi. Hacker extraordinaire Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is the latest addition in the game, but it seems as though her debut was premature. As soon as the Ubisoft blog post went up, it was quickly taken down without reaching a wider audience. Unfortunately for them, the video game community can be pretty hardcore, and screenshots were captured before its disappearance. Thanks to a Reddit leak, details on the Korean hacker were “unofficially” revealed. Check out the image below:

The “cunning” Dokkaebi is renown for her skills and hails from the 707th Special Mission Battalion a.k.a. the “White Tigers”. Her mysteriousness adds to the new operator’s overall charm with a go-getter attitude and self-sufficient creativity to boot, but that doesn’t always bode well with the higher ups. “We wanted an operator who went against type,” says lead Writer Lucien Soulban. “Put an assault rifle in her hand and she’s deadly, but use her special ability and the enemy team is in her crosshairs.”

Her fingers dance across the keyboard, the light of the LCD screen underscoring her smirk. Each line of code is a triumph building toward terminal velocity. She dances around firewalls and rewards herself with sips of her third energy drink tonight. She’s trying to cut down and four is her concession. She’s no brute force thug or clickjacker, and in the short order of a few days, she’s finally managed to get inside. With one last click, she carefully taps the [Enter] button and send the words that will either make her, or break her… ‘Hello, Rainbow Six.’

Operation White Noise brings you two new operators from the Republic of Korea and the famed 707th Special Mission Battalion. They don’t call them ‘White Tigers’ for nothing and the 707th trains Korea’s finest operators under brutal winter conditions. Among them… the cunning Dokkaebi. Before we reveal Dokkaebi’s unique abilities during the live stream, we take a look behind the scenes at Korea’s preeminent future soldier.

Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam brings with her the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and a BOSG. 12.2. shotgun as primary weapons. Her secondary line-up includes a C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs. What’s more worrisome is her “trickster streak” and coveted skills that will hit you when it’s least expected.

What do you think of the newest Operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege? Do you wish she was different or is this a fantastic addition to the roster? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as they happen, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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