Discord Connectivity Between Xbox One and PC Announced By Microsoft

Discord Connectivity

Online gaming communities have found many ways to flourish and evolve in the past few years thanks to Discord and other similar programs. This handy communication tool in particular has made it easier for gamers to see what games their friends are playing, and to voice chat with each other while in-game. While Discord’s interest in working with console companies like Nintendo have not yet come to fruition, they are making one particular leap forward in that area. Microsoft has announced that Discord connectivity between the Xbox One and PC will be coming.


Microsoft made the announcement regarding their partnership with Discord through their official Xbox Wire blog. In the next few weeks, Xbox One owners will be able to link their Discord account with their Xbox account, meaning that PC Discord users will be able to see what their Xbox-owning friends are playing and vice versa. Microsoft states that this is a part of their work “provide gamers with more choice, allowing them to play how and where they want to.” Soon, Xbox One owners will be able to link their Discord account on the system like they would with their Facebook or Twitter accounts in the Account Settings menu.

Discord users will also be able to link to their Xbox Ones through the PC and mobile versions of the app. When the connectivity launches, Discord users can go to their Connections settings much like the various social media and website accounts that can be linked. While this does not mean that the Discord voice chat features will be utilized on Xbox One, it will give a greater and more convenient visibility for PC and Xbox One users. Now, if only Discord would work on Sega Dreamcast. What do you guys think about the Discord connectivity between Xbox One and PC coming soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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