Digimon Survive Releases Debut Trailer For PS4 And Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

Based on the hit 90s animated series popularized in Japan and the United States, Digimon receives a brand new video game from Bandai Namco. The debut trailer for Digimon Survive recently released, unveiling the first few details of the game. The latest iteration of the franchise combines the narrative-driven aspect of a classic visual novel experience along with the strategy RPG genre, utilizing a turn-based combat system.

Based on the video seen below, the updated visuals bring back the original character designs with a modern twist. There’s even a short snippet of gameplay action to check out as well. See for yourself below:

Protagonist Takuma Momotsuka finds himself in a strange, new digital world. Sporting short, black hair and red goggles, he ventures forth and discovers other children in the same predicament. To survive their strange circumstances and weather obstacles, the kids team up with monsters in hopes they’ll find a solution to return to the real world. Digimon Survive features a turn-based combat system, interactive storytelling, and a charming art style to boot. Moving through this new adventure, players will be met with impactful choices through dialogue. Each choice will ultimately impact the ending of your journey, so tread carefully.

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Digimon Survive releases in Japan in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There’s no word yet on a Western debut.

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