DICE Looking to Implement These New Features To Battlefield 1 Rented Servers

Battlefield 1 Rented Servers

While gaming fans have had a strained relationship with EA’s additional services for their games, most of the fan response to the announcement of private servers for Battlefield 1 seemed to be positive. We reported earlier on what DICE’s planned pricing models and features for these servers were going to be, but now it appears there will be even more features coming to the Battlefield 1 rented servers. A new blog post by DICE’s Alexander “Striterax” Hassoon on the official Battlefield forums lists all of the features that DICE has every intention of adding to the rented Battlefield 1 server users.

Most of these new features will fall under the Admin Control Panel, which is on a separate screen that can be accessed inside the game. This panel will contain a Kick/Ban tab, as well as Ban and VIP lists. The Kick/Ban tab relates to the list of players that are using the rented server, with options next to each player that can easily allow for each player to be kicked or banned from the server. Separate from these lists, the Ban list will show all of the banned players, where the ban can just as easily be reversed. There is also a similar list for players designated as VIPs (say, for instance, players who are financially contributing to rent costs for the server) who will receive priority spots in a multiplayer queue.  We will also see an option to password-protect these servers, which sadly will not allow for experience points or any other type of player progression, but will have all of their equipment unlocked during play.

Some of the other planned features include, Squad Leader Spawn only, Behemoth on/off toggle and whole magazine reloads during multiplayer rounds. What do you guys think? Are you excited for these feature to come to Battlefield 1 Rented Servers? What features would you like to see implemented? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • RWS Reply

    December 27, 2016 at 6:07 PM

    I have held off purchasing the game after years of experience with EA Games and their sold it and forget attitude. Battlefield 1 is already famous for rampant unchecked hacking. Kinda of kills any desire to purchase another poorly supported EA experience.

    However if they do allow private servers with the ability to kick, ban and VIP; then there is hope. I can live with most of EA’s lack of support but I have NO patience for assh$#es and hacks.

    If they do follow through I would look seriously at getting this game. Normally I would not expect EA Games to advance any real improvements. But in this case this was their “flag ship” and with the depth of hacks and gamer’s leaving, there may be some hope EA Games will be motivated enough to repair this glaring hole in their product.

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