Assassin’s Creed Film Misses the Mark in US Opening Box Office (VIDEO)

Assassin's Creed Film

Like so many video games-turned-movies that have come before it, the Assassin’s Creed film is no exception when it comes to falling short of expectations. Sure, these types of movies can catch a whole lot of criticism, but that may just have to do with the fact that they are based on video games with such hardcore fans. It’s the very reason comic book movies live under such scrutiny. While Marvel has seemingly cracked some sort of code for a cinematic universe based on comic books, nobody has been able to truly replicate the same type of universe, only based on video games instead. The Tomb Raider and Resident Evil franchises have come close, especially with the sort of money they have both brought in over the years, but making an abundance of money does not make a film good. Hell, the Transformers films make a ton of money, and have you seen any of those? We won’t go there.

In the latest title to go from video game to movie, 20th Century Fox’s Assassin’s Creed film has only reigned in $22.6 million since it opened on Wednesday, December 21. Of course, it has had Rogue One to contend with, but that should be no excuse for a weak opening. Well, maybe a little, but a $22.6 million opening with a $125 million budget does not inspire confidence. However, the suits over at Fox don’t seem too bothered by the slow holiday weekend. According to Variety, “Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson noted that the video game of “Assassin’s Creed” has great global resonance and said the studio always saw the film as playing well with foreign ticket buyers.” While it has been released in the US, along with a handful of other countries, it has yet to see the big screen in a lot of markets. In the coming weeks, we will see just how well the Assassin’s Creed film will perform in foreign countries. Hopefully, they are able to get themselves out of the red and bring a potentially huge franchise to life. Assassin’s Creed stars Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, and is in theaters now.  If you haven’t seen anything about the film, you can check out the trailer below:

What say you, gamers? Have any of you seen the Assassin’s Creed film yet? What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of movies that are based on video games, or does it drive you up a wall? Let us know down in the comments! Of course, before you go doing that, be sure to check this out. The Doctor is returning soon! Before he returns, however, you should definitely make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on all sorts of video game goodness!

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