Diablo 3’s Malthael is Next Character to Come to Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm likes to crossover characters from other Blizzard games like Overwatch’s D.Va and Genji, but now another game is bleeding into the online multiplayer battle arena. It was announced on Twitter that the latest character being added to the roster is none other than Diablo 3’s Malthael from the Reaper of Souls expansion.

The former leader of the Angiris Council was once the Archangel of Wisdom, but is now the Angel of Death and that title fits him perfectly as players will see for themselves once they go up against him in battle.

The link from the tweet takes fans directly to Malthael’s profile on the Heroes of the Storm website. There players can find all of his abilities which seems to lean towards the character being a powerful Assassin who would be perfect against enemies that have higher health. Malthael’s trait results in any non-structure target that is struck by his basic attack to gain the Reaper’s Mark debuff for 4 whole seconds. What that means is that anyone who is marked by Malthael will be revealed and they lose 2.5% of their max health every second that passes which makes one attack take off 10% of the target’s max health.

Malthael seems pretty scary after reading that right? Well it gets worse, because all of his basic abilities are connected to the Reaper’s Mark. For example, Death Shroud makes a wave that will give the mark to everyone it hits. Soul Rip will cause close by enemies that have already been marked to suffer damage that replenishes Malthael’s health depending on the number of targets hit. He can also teleport through someone who is marked, damaging them, and starting the mark’s 4 second time clock over again using Wraith Strike.


What, you thought that was it? Oh you sweet summer child, it gets SO much worse, because now we’re talking Heroics. The first choice for Malthael is Tormented Souls and what it does is gives him armor that causes souls to spread out from his body that repeatedly give the Reaper’s Mark to any enemy hit. The other choice is Last Rites which causes damage equal to 50% of missing health after 2 seconds of being struck. Included in this is a repeatable quest that reduces the ability’s cooldown rate by 2 seconds whenever somebody dies while being affected by the Last Rites and it can be lowered to as little as 15 seconds.

Although no actual release date has been revealed, you can probably expect a debut very soon. What do you think of Diablo 3’s Malthael coming to Heroes of the Storm? Does he sound scary to you? Let us know in the comment section below and then head to the DFTG Twitter page for all the hottest gaming news 24/7!

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