“DestinyCon” Trademarked by Destiny Developer Bungie

Conventions; they’re everywhere in this day and age. Comic conventions, TV conventions, conventions of every kind. They’re a wonderful way for fans to connect and share with others on the things they love most, and a thrilling venture for those who may be new to whatever fandom or entertainment is being hosted at the event. Blizzcon, one of the most popular gaming conventions, and last year’s Call of Duty XP event are just a couple examples of the kind of love and excitement gamers can pour into a weekend of connecting with others and sharing experiences on an even playing field. Recently, Bungie filed a trademark for DestinyCon, a title for a possible future convention based off of the Bungie shooter, Destiny. According to Dualshockers, this report was filed under trademark classification 41, signifying “fan conventions […] in connection with the game ‘Destiny.’”

This could cause some contention for Destiny fans, considering there is already a Destiny convention with a strong following. GuardianCon (previously known as Destiny Community Con), started back in 2015, as fan efforts to bring together the love of Destiny for gamers of all levels. Bungie’s trademark of the term DestinyCon has been filed as “intent-to-use” which means at some point in the future they can start forming a larger scale Destiny convention, which could potentially affect the fan-driven GuardianCon that’s gained so many followers in such a short amount of time.


Luckily for fans, the founders of GuardianCon have taken to the internet to placate any worries that cropped up since the reveal. Gothalion and ProfessorBroman, of Twitter, both posted their thoughts on the matter, assuring fans that this trademark action was nothing to be worried about. It seems, according to them, that the move by Bungie is simply a failsafe for future use to prevent any confusion, should Bungie decide somewhere down the road that they wanted to actually utilize the term at some point.


While we don’t know for sure what Bungie’s future plans are for using the DestinyCon name, there’s still plenty of news churning out from developers about the highly popular title. Recently, Destiny developers cancelled the “Crimson Days” event to focus on a new update for gamers. While the cancellation was a disappointment, it seems fans remain optimistic on what Bungie has in store for them, as we all should be. Maybe we’ll hear word from developers themselves on what they plan on doing with DestinyCon? We’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves.

So what do you think about the news of Bungie trademarking the term DestinyCon? Do you believe that there will be an officially sanctioned convention from Bungie in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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