Destiny Livestream Patch Preview and Release Date Announced for HotFix 25.0.2

Destiny livestream patch preview

Bungie has been discussing the latest update to Destiny for weeks it seems. HotFix 25.0.2, as it has come to be called, is promising a rebalance of weapons, special ammo, and subclasses within the Crucible. Should all go as planned, they were planning on rolling out the patch in mid-February. Luckily for fans, not only do we have a release date, but a Destiny livestream patch preview is set for Wednesday!

The Destiny livestream patch preview is set for February 8th at 10 am Pacific time on their Twitch channel. The livestream trails the release of the patch, set to release February 14th, by 6 days. The stream is expected to let fans know how weapons and subclasses will change once the addition is in place.

Destiny livestream patch preview

Bungie announced both the Destiny livestream patch preview and the release of the patch on their developer blog yesterday. This would allow fans the opportunity to invite their respective partners to enjoy the day of love testing out all of the new tweeks and changes that HotFix 25.0.2 is bringing to the table. The release date is tentative, and if we don’t see it on Tuesday the 14th, then fans can expect it the following Tuesday.

In a preview from last week, it was noted that a major goal for the update is to provide alternate choices and counters to the shotguns. These weapons currently dominate play, a contributing factor to the complaints that PVP meta is stagnating. Bungie is hopefully using the this patch, the first to launch since the Rise of Iron expansion, to help shift things away from the same weapons, play styles, and subclasses.

Destiny livestream patch preview

There is no plan to nix the shotgun and instead, Bungie may be buffing other weapons instead. Along with the buff may also come a change in how Special Ammo works. The game has been fairly generous for all weapon types, however some imbalance seems to exist. It appears that a few exotic weapons, primary weapons, and some of the sublcasses may also be receiving some attention as well.

Fans are uncertain of whether or not this patch will mean that love is in the air on February 14th, or if they’ll be leaving Destiny behind for a younger sexier version of the game they love. With some fans settled in the current stagnation, we may see a few go by the wayaside. Though like all great games, with new content promised by Bungie in the spring, Destiny may have fans coming back for more.

Do you plan on watching the Destiny livestream patch preview? What are your thoughts on the changes planned for the new update? Sound off in the comments below!

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