Destiny 2 Now Offering Power Level Boosts to 900

Destiny 2

The launch of Destiny 2: New Light and Shadowkeep saw all Guardians new and old get bumped up to the light level of 750. While that’s a decent boost, there’s still a long way for players to go to hit the new endgame content. Thankfully, Bungie is offering a way to catch up even further with a purchasable Power Level boost.

While this might come across as a money grab-type mechanic there are some requirements in place in order for players to begin purchasing boosts for their Guardians. Players will first need to reach Power Level 900 through tried and true grinding on at least one character. Thanks to this, the purchasable “Season 8 Power Surge” becomes more of a convenience item, letting players who don’t want to grind through on multiple characters a chance to still have others to play around with without going through the trouble to re-grind previous content. They’ll still need to complete quests for specific loot, unlocking certain quest locked content and even grinding through the various different ability trees allowing them to maintain at least some sort of progression through each character.

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Power Level boosts are available to purchase from the character start screen for the price of 2000 silver, or about $20 in real money. As easy as it is to re-reach that Power Level without paying, the price might seem a little steep for some, but the price may not be too big of a deal for those who are hoping to purchase the convenient item.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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