Deep Rock Galactic is Like Left 4 Dead and Minecraft, But With Space Dwarves (VIDEO)

Deep Rock Galactic is Like Left 4 Dead and Minecraft, But With Space Dwarves (VIDEO)

As PAX West 2017 continues on, news such as Borderlands 3‘s development continues to come out of the event. One of the more unique games shown off during the Seattle proceedings was Deep Rock Galactic, a cooperative first-person shooter where players explore procedurally-generated caves crawling with waves of enemies.

Playing as one of four space-faring dwarves, the object of the game is to mine dangerous worlds for resources and dispose of the race of alien spiders that stand in the way. Deep Rock looks to take the co-op mission structure of the Left 4 Dead series and cross it with the material-gathering fun of Minecraft.

Valuable cave ore can be exchanged for items such as deployable sentry guns or to call in a supply drop. Those precious metals can also be used for crafting or saved for later using the foursome’s accompanying robotic storage unit. An ore called “Morkite” is the most valuable substance in the game, and the main focal point of the cave raids.

Players search through the polygonal caverns using four classes: Scout, Driller, Gunner, and Engineer. The Scout acts as a leader, carrying an ability to lighten-up dark caves, the Driller is characterized by his two large drills that make for easy tunneling, the Gatling gun-sporting Gunner is pretty self-explanatory, and the engineer builds tools and weapons for the team to use.

Those weapons will come in handy against the waves of scurrying alien spider enemies, which have their own class structure as well: Exploders like to rush players and explode, and Swarmers are small and like to attack in large groups. Spiders in the tank class are large and hard to kill, and upon defeat leave a large cloud that damages players that stick around too long.

Ghost Ship Games plans to launch Deep Rock Galactic into Steam Early Access sometime in early 2018, and the team is already looking to expand on the game’s singular mode. As seen in the video above, game director Mikkel Martin Pedersen reveals plans for new mission types, as well as more biomes, lava and ice themed caves being expressed examples. With so much to offer already, it’ll be interesting how far the game will go with improvements following its Early Access debut and eventual full release.

What do you think? Does alien-hunting miner dwarves sound too awesome to be true, or does the prospect of procedural generation give you pause? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on the Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more news about games that have yet to release, check out these next few links:

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