The Dauntless Closed Beta Has Launched With a New Trailer Release (VIDEO)

Dauntless Closed Beta

Recently, the Dauntless closed beta opened to those who have a copy of the early access Founder’s Pack. The free-to-play action cooperative pits those who play against giant monsters. Players will hunt these creatures in groups donning special armor along the Shattered Isles.

The Dauntless closed beta followed closely on the heels of the “Founder’s Alpha”. The event was livestreamed and allowed for public discourse on the project. A smart move on Phoenix Labs’ part as it generated more interest in the game and has surely attracted more players to the closed beta. Check out the new trailer below:

Phoenix Labs has limited the range of the game for their Dauntless closed beta, but for those who are wondering whether or not there is more, the company has plans to grow rapidly as they approach the free-to-play and post launch stages of the game. New islands, weapons, armor, and Behemoths are all slated to be released with the title. Ultimately, the team is dedicated to bringing enjoyable content and a fan fed experience according to executive producer Jesse Houston:

The Founder’s Alpha has been an inspirational experience for everyone here at Phoenix Labs. We’ve been collaborating with community, iterating on feedback, and improving Dauntless every day. Dauntless is a living game that we’ll be continuing to evolve, grow and expand through Closed Beta, Open Beta and beyond. Today’s Closed Beta launch marks the beginning of an amazing journey we’ll be taking with the Dauntless community for years to come.”

Fans at PAX this weekend can check out the game live with fellow attendees at the Phoenix Labs booth #2335! Fans can get a chance to win a closed beta along with other PAX exclusive rewards. For those interested in jumping in on the Dauntless closed beta from home, they can do so by purchasing a Founders Pack at $39.99.

How does Dauntless set itself apart from similar free-to-play titles? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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