Hideo Kojima Already Set Death Stranding Release Date – Plus Thoughts on VR (VIDEO)

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding

When Hideo Kojima took the stage at E3 2016 to show the world the first teaser for Death Stranding, audiences were uniformly excited and confused. The trailer provided very little in terms of what his first game under his new company, Kojima Productions, is about or what type of title× it is. The equally enigmatic second trailer shown at the Video Game Awards continued the excitement and confusion. Kojima has sat down and given countless interviews since the original reveal last summer, but has maintained the secrecy around the project. The legendary video game developer has once again left us with another epic cliffhanger, the release date of Death Stranding.

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At the RTX Sydney 2017 event, Hideo sat on stage for a two hour interview about his upcoming title. Keeping his secrets very close to his chest, he did say that he has a release date set in stone for his latest game. So when can we get our hands on Death Stranding?

Well, looks like we still have to wait for that information. Kojima explains that the release date is set to help his team with making specific deadlines and avoiding delays. Kojima informed us that long development times of his games were all by design. He also works towards a completion date set by himself instead of meeting a date set by a company or publisher.

During the interview, the iconic game director also revealed that there are pieces to a puzzle within the two trailers that will reveal more about the game itself. He even went as far as to saying he’s actually worried that someone may figure it out before he’s ready. He also confirmed that the game will be in an open-world setting, giving players free range to explore his newest vision. Death Stranding will not, however, be aimed for virtual reality gameplay,  but is keeping an open mind about some VR elements in post launch. You can check out the full interview in the video below:

We may have to wait quite a while before seeing any gameplay footage or see a release date, but Hideo Kojima undoubtedly knows what he is doing when it comes to video games. The freedom he has now with Kojima Productions will only prove that his legacy will only continue to thrive.

Are you among the millions of fans anxiously waiting for more on Death Stranding? How much faith in Hideo do you have to produce a more than stellar gaming experience? Sound off in the comments section below. Be sure to bookmark us and follow us on Twitter to catch all of the hottest gaming news as soon as it drops.

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