Deadpool Gives Everybody The Bird On The Cover Of Good Housekeeping

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Other than a well-written script, the perfect cast, and a true-to-character on-screen adaptation, 2016’s Deadpool had a ton of success through the incredible marketing team. The months leading up to the release Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool seemed to pop up everywhere with clever and hilarious promotions for the film. When you have a working formula, why stop? That’s why Reynolds and the marketing team are back at it, this time in a special holiday issue of Good Housekeeping.

With the holiday season approaching rapidly, it seems that everyone is gearing up for that holiday spirit. Good Housekeeping never keeps from dishing out holiday themed issues of their magazine. This year they upped their game by featuring one of the comic book world’s most infamous characters, Deadpool. This special edition is being handed out by street teams in various cities. A closer look at the issue proves that even in a wholesome cooking and home magazine, Deadpool will always be himself.

From the get-go, Deadpool graces the cover of Good Housekeeping while presenting a flawlessly prepared Thanksgiving dinner. To make the cover feel more Deadpool-y, the article captions fit the overall theme with things like, “Turkey Tips: Giving Your Family The Bird”, “You’ll Go Crazy For D’s Nuts”, and “Come For The Gifts, Stay For The Package”. Though subtle, these captions have Wade’s dirty mind plastered all over them.

Good Houskeeping DeadpoolGood Houskeeping Deadpool

Within the magazine, Deadpool gives out his secret recipe for D’s Spicy Nuts and his Creamy Clam Skinny Dip, as well as instructions on how to “properly” carve a Turkey. By properly he means that some or all of your Thanksgiving guests will lose a limb or two. While these features in Good Housekeeping are hilarious in their own rite, Deadpool’s Holiday letter takes the cake. The letter reads:

When Good Housekeeping called and asked me to be a contributor to their holiday issue, I was completely shocked and flattered. I’m a HUUUUGE fan. It’s always been a dram of mine to visit the Good Housekeeping Mansion and bathe in their infamous grotto. But unlike most men, I read Good Housekeeping for the articles.  There was no time to waste. I immediately jumped off my show pony, kissed my agent, Bernie, and grabbed my ink quill. In case you weren’t aware, I %$#*ing LOVE the holidays, and not in the ‘like a friend’ way either….I love the holidays the same way I love stuffing a turkey…using the two most important ingredients of all: heavy eye contact and lust. It’s that bewitching time of year when we can reflect on the last 11 months, using Christmas cards from friends and family as a comparable gauge for our own level of happiness. Stephanie and Adam went to palm Springs…Janet finally got her GED…Uncle Kevin drank a gallon of sangria, took off all of his clothes, and walked into the ocean forever. But whether your yuletide memories are of gorging on nuts and creamy clams (see my holiday recipes), getting your tongue stuck to a flagpole, or simply watching Papa Pool carve some perfectly plump pultry in order to give everything th ebird, there is no denying that the holidays are the most wonderful time of year. So sit back, grab a mug of cocoa and cozy up in your favorite chair – it’s time for this naughty little stocking stuffer to unleash his holiday cheer.”

There’s no denying that this is a very Deadpool holiday letter, which was mostly written by Ryan Reynolds himself. The recipes (which can be seen in the gallery below) are real recipes, but whether or not his Nuts and Clams are tasty is still yet to be determined. You can check out the scans of the special Good Housekeeping Deadpool Holiday edition in the gallery below:

Ryan Reynolds will return next Summer in Deadpool 2, along side Josh Brolin as Cable. What do you think of the special Deadpool Holiday edition of Good Housekeeping? Will you be trying out the recipes for D’s Nuts and/or Creamy Clams? Are you confident that Deadpool 2 will be just as good as its predecessor? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay up to date on the hottest news in gaming and entertainment via our 24/7 live news feed.

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