League Of Legends Comics Could Feature Alternate Universe Stories Marvel

Marvel’s League Of Legends Comics Could Feature Alternate Universe Stories

League of Legends may be known for its established presence in gaming, but the popular title from Riot Games is also no stranger to the realm of comics, having recently…

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Deadpool Trailer

Hilarious ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ Trailer Features a Kidnapped Fred Savage (VIDEO)

One of the biggest success stories at the box office this past summer was the sequel to the highly praised Deadpool film. Deadpool 2 proved that Ryan Reynold’s take on…

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Stan Lee

Remembering Stan Lee, A Look Behind The Legend

Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief of Marvel comics and co-creator of the brand’s most iconic superheroes, has passed away at the age of 95. Lee, real name Stanley Martin Lieber,…

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Stan Lee Is Reportedly The Victim Of Ongoing Elder Abuse

Stan Lee Is Reportedly The Victim Of Ongoing Elder Abuse

Stan Lee is a comic book legend, and as such many view the man who has had cameos in all of the recent Marvel movies as this infallible, untouchable superhero….

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Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cosmic Ghost Rider Is Delivering Space Punishment In His Own Series

Marvel Comics‘ resident “Spirit of Vengeance” Ghost Rider has always had a hunger for battling despicable beings, but a new series will see the demon ride into the stars to…

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Venom Comic Series

New Venom Comic Series Will See The Symbiote Facing A Powerful Ancient Evil

The monstrous alien symbiote Venom is often considered one of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes, having caused the webhead a great deal of peril on many occasions. The character may regularly…

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Thor's Hammer

Marvel Explains Why Thor’s Hammer Won’t Move For Anyone But Him

Thor is among the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics not only for his godly ancestry, but because of the hero’s thunderous hammer Mjolnir. The iconic weapon grants a wide…

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Deadpool Choose Your Own Adventure

Deadpool Choose Your Own Adventure Series On The Way From Marvel

Those familiar with Marvel’s Deadpool are often impressed with just how brazenly rebellious the character can be. Endless bullets, quips, and fourth-wall breaks comprise the mind of the “merc’ with…

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Marvel Comics Cancel

Marvel Comics Cancel Several Ongoing Series – Final Issues In 2018

While the holiday season gives most the tidings of crumpled wrapping paper and way too much fruitcake, Marvel is instead closing the year by announcing the end of several notable…

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Good Houskeeping Deadpool 01

Deadpool Gives Everybody The Bird On The Cover Of Good Housekeeping

Other than a well-written script, the perfect cast, and a true-to-character on-screen adaptation, 2016’s Deadpool had a ton of success through the incredible marketing team. The months leading up to the release…

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