Deadly Premonition 2 Director Apologizes And Acts Following Backlash

Deadly Premonition 2 Backlash

Fans were hoping for an even better experience with Deadly Premonition 2 than they received in the first installment, but that does not seem to be the case. The title has been plagued with performance issues since release, and while that has been enough for players to speak up, the recent backlash comes from another issue within the game – the improper handling of a trans character.

Lena Dauman is the Deadly Premonition 2 character in question, with the development team not portraying the character in a proper manner. Lena is often misgendered purposefully throughout the game despite the fact that the lead character designer promised to do right by the trans community. In addition to this, the character’s deadname, which is the name assigned at birth, is used in the title. However, it was the implication that this character was incestuous, combined with the previous aspects, that has many people mad.

This led to Deadly Premonition 2 director Swery offering not only an apology, but action to back up their words. “I need to tell you about my apologies about DP2,” reads the tweet, which can be seen above. “So I wrote a message by myself with Google-sensei. Please forgive my poor English skills.” They then went on to offer an apology via Google Translate:

I realized by pointed out by friends, I might have hurt transgender people in my scenario. It wasn’t intentional, I am really sorry for that. Some scenes will be sanity checked by a team that included diversity and I will rewrite that scene ASAP.”

Here are more thoughts and observations on the matter from the community:

It’s good to see the Deadly Premonition 2 director act in addition to just offering up an apology as that is not always the case, but this shouldn’t have happened to begin with. The trans community is misrepresented in media all too often, and that includes in video games. The time to do better is now. Trans lives are human lives.

It is unknown when the changes to the game will arrive, but Deadly Premonition 2 is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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