Daymare: 1998 – A Horror Survival Game Inspired by Resident Evil 2 (VIDEO)

Daymare: 1998

Invader Studios is an independent video game developing company based in the Roman countryside of Italy. The team originally set out to re-create the hit horror game Resident Evil 2 by Capcom, but has now embarked on creating their own 90’s inspired horror survival game. Please direct your attention below to the cinematic trailer for Daymare: 1998:

The Resident Evil (RE) franchise has been a staple in the horror survival genre for over two decades, and continues to thrive. The team at Invader Studios fell in love with the RE series when it was still fresh and new. They attempted to re-create the epic, and arguably best RE game, Resident Evil 2 using the Unreal Engine. The feedback and support they received from the gaming community led them to a meeting with Capcom. That meeting ended their RE2 remake, but set them on the right course to create their very own horror game with the support and even some help from the Resident Evil team. Thus Daymare: 1998 was born.

The studio is currently looking to the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter to achieve their dream of creating the horror game. Their pledge goal is only $190,377, and at the time of writing, over $8,300 has been pledged. The money will be used to add weapons, settings, and more enemies outside their budget. Other than the obvious nods to Capcom’s franchise, the team has added elements of movies such as AlienThe Thing, and Phantoms to deliver a story driven third-person horror game. The description for the game’s style, as outlined by Invader Studios, is as follows:

As the title of the game suggests, “Daymare: 1998” is meant to bring back the atmosphere, the feeling, and the mood of the 80’s and 90’s most beloved video games and movies. In those years, we saw the boom of the horror genre.

From an artistic point of view, “Daymare: 1998″ is inspired by those movie and game productions. What emerges from this mix is a constant and oppressive sense of danger, helplessness and fear conveyed by an extremely suggestive and creepy setting: A typical dirty and chaotic American town as depicted in many 90’s productions.”

There is no release window as of yet, but upon release, Daymare: 1998 will be avialable on Windows PC. What do you think of Invader Studios’ take on 90’s horror games? Will you be helping them out by pledging on Kickstarter? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned with DFTG  for 24/7 gaming news.

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