Battle Blue Balls and More in Love-Themed Roguelike “Roguemance”


If you’ve struggled with dating or had a rough moment in a relationship, Roguemance may ring a few bells. The premise of this pixelated roguelike game is to battle the problems of relationships with potential partners on a heart-shaped island. Players will need to learn how to adapt to your love interests and needs in order to combat your enemies.

The indie title, slated for release next Valentine’s Day, is developed by Lucas Molina. Molina is the creator of a game called “Painters Guild” which sets players in managing an Italian Renaissance art academy. This new game is certainly a shift, but the premise of Roguemance is interesting, to say the least.


Roguemance sets players on dates and these dates are where the action happens. So far, there are six relationship-themed enemies to combat, including money, stonewalling, yelling, manipulation, ex-partners, and even blue balls. As adorable as they may appear, compromise and cooperation are the only way to get over the obstacles and see if your love interest is someone you want to continue to see.

The roguelike aims to be all-inclusive, regardless of sexuality and gender, ensuring that everyone feels like they’re part of the game. Players explore the heart-shaped island “Heartipelago”, where they search for love. However, things like cheating, jealousy, breakups, and exes are all things that happen in the game and can make or break the pixelated relationship.


The end game is to find “the one”, at which point you have to battle your ex in order to solidify the relationship. Ultimately, Roguemance may prove to be the 8-bit dating reality show you’ve always wanted to play. If you’re interested in jumping into the digital dating pool, this well thought-out game is already open for alpha sign-ups here and the full version will be available next Valentines Day!

Does Roguemance sound like something you’d like to play? What do you think about the enemy concepts? Sound off in the comments below!

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