New Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack Sure to Satisfy Your Alien Boning Needs

Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack

The team at Cards Against Humanity(CAH) are known for their love of all things taboo. They are also about to be know for their affection of the art of alien boning. Yes, you read that correctly. CAH has partnered with BioWare to bring fans what they really want – The Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack.

The Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack(what a mouthful) is currently selling for $1.00. It consists of 14 cards that are sure to satisfy any need you may have. You know, as long as it involves boning aliens. On the branded cards’ website, it says:

The Mass Effect Pack is a collaboration between Cards Against Humanity and BioWare — 14 brand new cards* about valuable intellectual property: Mass Effect™.

We thought if we wrote a pack with BioWare, they would let us play the new Mass Effect game early. That did not happen, but here we are anyway.

Claim your limited–edition pack for $1 (including U.S. shipping) now. Our brand synergy is “out of this world.”

*Missing cards to be sold later as DLC.”

The artwork was created by illustrator Cara McGee. You can check out the cover at the top of the article as well as the card of Shepard and Kaidan about to kiss(they are so totally about to make out) in the gallery below:

All in all, this is shaping up to be a hell of a time for those of you who play CAH and/or Mass Effect. If you have played neither, now is your time to dive into a realm filled with desire, despair, and unfathomable possibilities. You can also check out Mass Effect while you’re at it.

What say you, gamers? Excited to get your hands on these lovely alien boning cards? Will you be ordering yourself the Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack? Let us know in the comments section below or by joining the conversation over on our Disqus! Before you do that, however, you should definitely check this out. Hellboy 3 has finally been laid to rest by Guillermo del Toro and we are sad. Join us in our sadness over on Twitter, or stick around for live 24/7 gaming and entertainment news!

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