New Persona 5 Trailer Features ‘The Velvet Room’ and a Returning Character (VIDEO)

Persona 5 trailer

The newest trailer for the US release of Persona 5 has dropped and it features The Velvet Room and a face you may find familiar. Igor, whose initial appearance was featured in Megami Ibunroku Persona, will be showing you the ropes on what this room has to offer. If you’re fans of the series, you’ve probably expected to see his mug again sooner or later, especially since he was just in the previous installment. Even though the game has long since been released in Japan, there has been a delay and won’t see a the US until April 4th. Teasers and English translated information have been released over time in an attempt to satiate the appetite for J-RPGs. Let’s hope the date sticks this time! Check out the latest Persona 5 trailer below:

Igor’s voice introduces you to a pair of adorable yet intimidating identical twins – Justine and Caroline. However, their personalities touch different ends of the spectrum. Based on personal speculation, one of them favors judicial and thoughtful punishment while the other prefers physical force and intimidation. Are they both twisted and sassy though? More than likely. The three of them make up the Wardens of the Velvet Room, showing you the ropes on fusing personas in order to create a more powerful one. After all, “power requires sacrifice”.

Players even get to choose how these personas become sacrificial lambs. Want them to be hung? You got it. Want to behead them via the ol’ fashioned guillotine? Don’t worry, the twins have you covered. All in the name of efficiency or something, apparently. Think of the entire process similar to that of mobile RPGs, where you must use some type of currency to utilize a gachapon machine. Probability dictates whether you get a 1 or 5 star monster, but you can use the lower ones as fodder for combining, in this case. In any case, the goal is to level up the ones you want and create a overpowered team.

Persona 5 will debut in the United States on April 4th, 2017 exlusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

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