Call of Duty: Warzone ’80s Action Heroes’ Adds Die Hard and Rambo Content

Warzone 80s

As video games only get bigger and bigger in size and scope, a common occurrence in recent years has been crossovers with other intellectual properties. Fortnite has famously had crossovers with everything from Star Wars to Batman, and Fall Guys has had content from Sonic the Hedgehog and Among Us. Call of Duty has grown with its battle royale game Warzone, and the franchise has featured some big name Hollywood actors, but seldom as characters from other properties. Now, it seems that a bold step forward is happening with the new Call of Duty: Warzone 80s Action Heroes update that features Die Hard and Rambo content.

Activision has provided a first official look at the Call of Duty: Warzone 80s Action Heroes update on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. The series of new additions starting on May 20th will bring new content featuring elements from the Rambo and Die Hard 1980s action films. The trailer proudly boasts the new Rambo Operator, which is the spitting image of Sylvester Stallone as he appeared in the films. Rambo will come equipped with his signature bow and arrow, and camps similar to the ones featured in Rambo: First Blood Part II will be littered throughout the Verdansk map. There will also be some Rambo-themed Legendary Blueprints, Calling Cards and more offered as well.

Warzone 80s

The Die Hard franchise will also see a significant inclusion in the Warzone 80s Action Heroes event. John McClane will be another new Operator available, with an Epic Watch, Epic Weapon Charm and more also included with the purchase. The trailer features the signature Nakatomi Plaza building which will now be a large part of the Verdansk map. The Nakatomi building will allow for exploration, including a vault which will require Hans Gruber-levels of strategy to pull off the heist. This is an incredible new series of additions to Warzone, and shows that Call of Duty is worthy of potentially telling Fortnite “I’m your worst nightmare.”

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