Borderlands Devs Leave Gearbox For New Indie Project

Borderlands Dev

The video game industry has many big franchises in its fences, with one of the hottest right now being the Borderlands franchise. The series most recently celebrated its long-awaited Borderlands 3 title, with a Tiny Tina-focused spinoff also now in the works. The will franchise will see a major live-action film as well, adapting the events of the first game. The series has made it thus far largely due to the hard work of the fine folks at Gearbox Studios, with many members being there since the origins of the franchise. Well, that time has ended for some Borderlands devs who have departed from Gearbox.

Axios has recently reported on the departure of several key Borderlands devs from Gearbox Software. According to the outlet, seven veteran employees have left the company, though only six of them have been identified thus far. Comprising the six known devs are senior producer Christopher Brock, lead mission designer Keith Schuler, art director Scott Kester, lead character artist Kevin Pernod, creative director Paul Sage and UX/Game Feel director Chris Strasz. Gearbox head Randy Pitchford had this to say about these departures:

“Before their transition, the group was part of a not-yet-announced pre-production team and their departure will cause minimal disruption in our current plans.”

Pitchford also suggested that these Borderlands devs are leaving “on the best of terms”, and that Gearbox is still progressing well on their current projects despite these departures. Currently, Gearbox’s main focus is on Borderlands spinoff Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The seven departed devs are all reportedly going to collaborate on an undisclosed new indie project. Whatever that new project ends up being, with so much talent going to that project, it is certainly going to be a game as crazy as a Psycho from Borderlands.

What do you guys think about these Gearbox devs leaving to form their own indie studio? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Borderlands news, such as the set photo celebrating the filming wrapping on the Borderlands live-action movie, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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