BioShock 4 Job Listing

BioShock 4 Job Listing Suggests Game Will Use Unreal Engine 5

As the latest generation of video game hardware continues to set its foothold in the gaming industry, the technology with which to develop these games continues to evolve. Along with…

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BioShock 4

BioShock 4 Job Listings Imply It Could Be An Open-World RPG

As we enter a fresh new gaming console generation, gamers look to the past for dormant franchises that can have new life breathed into them on new devices. One such…

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BioShock 4 Will Take Place In A "New And Fantastical World," Suggests Job Listing

BioShock 4 Will Take Place In A “New And Fantastical World,” Suggests Job Listing

It looks like BioShock 4 may not be taking place in Rapture or Columbia after all. A new report now suggests that the latest entry in the iconic series will…

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bugsnax bioshock

Bugsnax Director Compares Game To BioShock (VIDEO)

Though there were quite a few games from Sony’s PS5 showcase that are worthy of hype, one particular title has proven to be a standout of the presentation – the…

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Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Has 93 Games Planned For The Next Five Years

Take-Two Interactive is possibly best known as the parent company to the likes of 2K and Rockstar, with a portfolio filled to the brim with many players’ favorite games. That…

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Borderlands BioShock Nintendo Switch 2K Games

Borderlands, BioShock, And Other 2K Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo decided recently was the perfect time to drop a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, which showcased a plethora of games coming to the Switch as well updates about current titles…

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Next BioShock Game In Development For “Next Several Years,” Says Take-Two

We all know the wheels are already turning for the next mainline BioShock game. With critically-acclaimed gameplay and narrative direction, it seems relatively sensible to create another title within the…

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System Shock

System Shock Remake Demo Shows Off The Classic Game In A New Light (VIDEO)

System Shock was originally released in 1994, offering computer gamers the opportunity to take on the role of a hacker in the year 2072. The popular title would go on…

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BioShock Collection Seemingly Leaked For Nintendo Switch

BioShock Collection Seemingly Leaked For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is regularly receiving boatloads of new titles pretty much on the daily, the system quickly acquiring quite an epic library of games–with both new and old school…

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BioShock Director Wants BioShock 4 To "Cast Off The Chains Of The Past"

BioShock Director Wants BioShock 4 To “Cast Off The Chains Of The Past”

“There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.” Yet, despite these words affirming what has loosely connected the BioShock series, that needn’t always be the case….

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