Battlefield V Details New Fortifications System And “Spectacular” Destruction

Battlefield V

EA DICE’s upcoming WWII-era shooter has only recently been revealed as Battlefield V, and the game has since been unveiling new gameplay details that many players have found exciting. From the various teased locales, the newly revealed Airborne mode, to the game’s “controversial” customization options, there’s plenty to see how the next Battlefield will surely be a game changer for the series. Revealing even more additions, developers have now laid out the entry’s new Fortifications system and the “spectacular” lengths destruction has been ramped up.

Posted in a new blog entry, developers gave a rundown of the incoming changes and additions to gameplay, including how Fortifications will “shape the battlefield.” They describe the building system as “going hand-in-hand with destruction,” and is so ingrained in the Battlefield V experience, that “it’s hard to imagine Battlefield without it.”

You can build various types of military assets thanks to Fortifications: foxholes, sandbags, barbed wire, tank stoppers, and more. You can reinforce buildings that have been destroyed. Remember playing Operations as an attacker, seeing the map being leveled throughout the match, leaving no cover left? That can now be countered thanks to Fortifications.”

DICE attests this ability to create will provide “much more dynamic gameplay,” as it “adds a tactical layer and more choice on the battlefield.” The developer recalls an example situation where players would hold a flag, and how utilizing the Fortifications system would be a great way “to close entrances to control points and funnel enemies towards you.”

In Battlefield V, everyone is equipped with a toolbox and everyone can use Fortifications – although the Support is the best at it. Play as this class, and you’ll also be able to build and repair stationary weapons.”

One of the most well-known mechanics of the Battlefield series is the ability to destroy pretty much anything, including reducing entire buildings to rubble. As with the the ability to fortify and create, the ability to destroy also sees new heights in Battlefield V. Developers have revealed the huge “effort into crafting the destruction,” and touting the series signature mayhem as “more dynamic than ever.” The sound design of the explosive fun was also assured to be very much on the “spectacular” side. Here’s more:

“As the battle rages on and structures collapse, you won’t see pre-determined animations – but dynamic sequences based on physics, materials, and the hardware being used. If you shoot a projectile that blows up inside a house, the walls will crack from the inside, making debris fly outwards.

Drive a tank into a building, and the debris will instead move inwards. No matter how a building is destroyed, different parts of it will crack, move, and then crumble in a more time-extended way than in previous titles, where the fun of destruction ended quicker. Each match in Battlefield V should and will be different, and destruction is no exception.”

More boundless destruction and Fortifications both seem like worthwhile additions to the new game, and there’s only more reveals to be had with the E3 festivities just around the corner. Additional details are almost surely a given at the upcoming EA Play event, which opens its doors on June 9th. Battlefield V will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 19th.

What do you think? Are you excited to utilize Battlefield V’s ability to create, or are most looking forward to the path of destruction? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more news regarding the FPS genre, check out these next few links:

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