Apex Legends’ Stories From The Outlands Delves Into Pathfinder’s Origins (VIDEO)

Apex Legends Pathfinder

Debuting as one of Apex Legends’ original characters, Pathfinder has since been featured in quite a few trailers as a beloved robot of murder and friendship. While many characters have received backstories through various Stories From The Outlands trailers, the bot himself had largely continued to remain shrouded in mystery. Endlessly searching for its mysterious creator, there’s been very little information as to who the mysterious person or persons actually are. Now, a new trailer has revealed a bit more about Pathfinder’s origins, providing details on the character’s cheerful personality as well as his unique talents and history.

As part of the latest Stories From The Outlands trailer, the footage delves into the beginnings of the Apex Legends character in an action-packed noir setting many might not have expected. The video begins with the introduction of Victor Maldera, a Security Guard that used to be a police officer in Malta, with Victor Nox aka Caustic being one of the only criminals to ever escape his grasp. As events unfold, Maldera witnesses a peculiar conflict between Pathfinder and a member of the Mafia, quickly escalating into a full-blown chase through the sky as the pair flee members of the unknown gang.


While initially, the pair don’t exactly get along, these issues are quickly reconciled as Maldera discovers Pathfinder is in possession of recordings proving Nox is actually still alive. In Pathfinder’s quest to discover who and what he is, the robot took various odd jobs such as maintenance work, waiting tables, and even window cleaning, where he managed to catch a glimpse of the presumed dead Nox. This discovery, alongside a second clue as to who created Pathfinder in the first place, causes the two to work together in an attempt to escape the danger around them. Unfortunately, the escape is escalated by the arrival of Spectre bots as both heroes are shot, and the video winds down to a bittersweet end.

Thankfully, the Apex Legends character didn’t die as it initially seemed. In fact, it appears the developers behind Pathfinder have greater plans for the lovable robot. The trailer notably gives players an answer as to why Pathfinder has an odd boxer motif, that fans have long assumed was due to the character potentially being a ring fighter in the past. In addition, the clue of Dr. Amelie P. will surely bring a new hunt for answers among fans looking to dig deep into the Apex Legends lore. There’s also the inclusion of Victor Maldera to think about as it’s possible the character could further his story in another video or show up as a playable Legend somewhere down the line.

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