Anthem Beta “Coming Soon,” Says BioWare


Anthem had a huge presence at EA Play 2018 this year and definitely got a lot of folks excited to see BioWare’s take on an always online Cooperative Shooter. The game will be coming out on February 22, 2019 but we have yet to hear about when players will be able to play the game via a beta or demo prior to its release.

Anthem’s most comparable competitor Destiny has run betas prior to the original and sequel’s releases, but there’s been a radio silence on that front thus far from EA or BioWare. That changed today when Game Director John Warner told the Twitter-sphere that the wait is almost over.

While John didn’t provide any kind of date for when we can expect the beta or demo to be playable, but the promise of the info coming soon gives us some hope that it’ll be sooner rather later. To top off this announcement we also got a little bit more details regarding the beta from executive producer Mark Darrah, who said that player progress will carry over into the full game:

This is a really great announcement for fans of the game since Destiny’s first beta did not let players carry progress over into the full game. Losing all that progress gained in the beta would be quite an annoyance for players who put a lot of time into the game.  That does, however, raise the question of a substantial amount of content being included in this trial. Regarding whether or not players would be getting access to all 4 javelin suits that act as the game’s classes, Darrah said:

Well, let’s have faith that “Hopefully” is more of a “Probably”. Are you excited to try out Anthem when a beta officially arrives? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any updates regarding when it’ll drop, and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed the Gamers:


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