Animal Crossing Fan Art Depicts Villagers In Fantasy RPG Style

Animal Crossing Fan Art Fantasy RPG

In less than a month, Animal Crossing fans will finally see the return of their beloved series with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game promises new features and a new setting that will put a tropical spin on the series. Previously, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival attempted to bring the home-sim setup to a board game-like genre of play, but to less than stellar success. Still, many have wondered what Animal Crossing would be like in another video game genre. Such is the case with one artist, whose new Animal Crossing fan art imagines the classic characters in the style of fantasy RPGs.

As reported on Prima Games, fan artist Camila Cumplido has shared their new series of Animal Crossing fan art on their official Twitter account. The adorable art depicts Animal Crossing characters as if they existed in the world of a fantasy RPG game. True to her form, the studious Isabelle is a magic-user with an earthy spellcasting staff. Timmy and Tommy Nook stand together as medieval warriors equipped with a sword and shield. A cat and frog villager are also seen equipped with a sword and staff, respectively.

Rounding out the characters is Tom Nook as a musical bard playing a lute, hopefully singing a tune about tossing a bell to Tom Nook. This is quite a colorful and creative take on the world of Animal Crossing, and hopefully one day it becomes a real game. Until then, the only dragons being slain in the games are dragonflies with a bug net.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

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