BioWare Addresses False Rumors of the Mass Effect Andromeda Story DLC Cancellation

We’ve been saying it time and time again that the term “hiatus” that was thrown around in response to one key article inspired a pre-mature panic that has definitely gotten out of control. This spurred negative rumors about the “end” of BioWare and its latest space shooter, Andromeda. With its rocky launch, several patches (including many fixes that players were asking for such as glitches and improved character created) and future plans have worked towards setting the game back on the right path. With a brand new studio heading the title and a substantially less budget, the road to Andromeda has been an interesting one to follow, disappointing for some. The latest rumor? That the Mass Effect Andromeda story DLC plans have been cancelled, but BioWare wants fans to know – this is 100% false.

The rumor began when a company claimed that their contract with BioWare for a planned Andromeda Story DLC has been cancelled, therefore cancelling any plans for future DLC. The studio in question called Sinclair Networks has since deleted their claims but good ‘ol Critical Hit proves that nothing on the internet is so easily forgotten.

Here is the claim that spurred this (debunked) rumor:

“Due to issues in initial production, heavy critique, significant delays in other projects, staff allocation and reductions in Montreal, it was decided to shelve the franchise for the time being and all our resources and outsourcing are being focused to the 2018 release of Anthem,” the message said. “For the moment the Mass Effect series will be on ice until BioWare can decide which direction the franchise will go.”

As rumors do, especially with a title that has so many strong opinions about it on both spectrums, this quickly spiraled out of control forcing BioWare to take note and take charge. The first debunking officially happened on the Twitter account of the producer for Andromeda, Fernando Melo:

He took it once step further by stating:

“The internet is what it is. Doesn’t change the fact that there are things we can & cannot talk about at times, as part of a public company… however, new/future content etc is something we can’t discuss yet sorry.”

Michael Gamble also took to Twitter as a call out post, short and simple, to this fake company:

With Anthem taking center stage thanks to EA, the publisher, BioWare should take this as a sign that they need to be more upfront with the fans as to what the future of the series holds, though as Melo stated – it’s not abnormal for companies to be tight-lipped about future plans. There is a lot up in the air because you have the people that despise the title, and the people that absolutely loved it, and both want to know just what the hell is happening to the beloved Mass Effect franchise.

Now is the time to unveil those announcements. For me personally, I enjoyed Andromeda while still recognizing that there were technical flaws. Not everyone did enjoy it, as is the nature of any market. For the Mass Effect fans in general, whether the trilogy or the next phase in the narrative, they want to know if there are plans to continue the foundations laid in the beginning stages of Andromeda. Will we find out what’s beyond the Kett and the remnant? What about those missing ARKS? Stayed tuned with DFTG as we keep you up to date in everything Mass Effect and other gaming news.

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  • Matthew Meade Reply

    June 29, 2017 at 9:28 PM

    Thank you for posting this. People just need to chill, and have some faith in BioWare. I have to admit that while I enjoyed Andromeda, the negativity was starting to drag me down. I’m excited to see what comes next, but the internet seems determined to turn that excitement into anxiety. At the end of the day, did I have fun with ME:A? Yes. Yes I did. And I’d play it again. Was it a perfect game? Eh, not really, but I had fun and I want to know more. That’s all that matters to me.

  • Julia C Reply

    July 4, 2017 at 2:23 PM

    Thank you thank you! My heart sank when I read the article about MEA possibly not having a future. I’ve played more Dragon Age games than Mass Effect, but I found that the engagement of the characters was as enjoyable as it felt when I played DA2 (something I felt was lacking with DAI). I’m nearly done my first walk through and I really love it and would more than likely pay full price for DLC content. We need answers!

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