The Alien Hordes Take on Vader’s Fist in this Epic Sci-Fi Mashup

Sci-Fi Mashup

If you are a fan of science fiction (Sci-Fi) then it’s a safe bet to say you have seen Star Wars at some point, it might also be safe to assume you’ve at least heard of, if not seen, Alien. For fans who possess the talent, creating a Sci-Fi mashup through fan art is a popular way to express appreciation for the wonderful world of science fiction.

Star Wars of course is a space opera created in the 1970’s detailing the epic saga of the Rebel Alliance’s fight to free the galaxy from the Evil Galactic Empire. Star Wars follows the journey of the Jedi, the guardians of peace and servants of the Light, as they combat the evil manipulation of the Sith Lords, dark masters of the Force seduced and corrupted by power and greed. Virtually setting the precedent by which many if not all future Sci-Fi sagas would be judged Star Wars probably has the one of the largest fan followings in the history of Cinema.

The Alien Saga, on the other hand, created by writer/director Ridley Scott is in its own right a master work combining science fiction with the thrilling elements of a horror film. Set in the distant future,  Alien is aptly named for a mysterious race of ‘Xenomorphs’ that seem to have no purpose other than to devour, kill, and multiply. A parasite on the inhabitants of the galaxy, the Xenomorphs are very difficult to track and even harder to kill. The are nearly impervious to most forms of damage and when wounded even their blood can be lethal in that it is highly acidic and will destroy virtually everything it touches. Truly the peak of the apex predator.

Fans of Sci-fi fans have a tendency to imagine what the outcome would be if one faction of any particular fandom is pitted against another. Thanks to the amazing talent of Guillem H. Pongiluppi we as fans can enjoy a visual representation as two of the most unstoppable forces in Sci-Fi are pitted against each other in all out war. Xenomorphs vs the 501st Imperial legion aka ‘Vader’s Fist,’ check it out below!

The full gallery with descriptions can be found on Guillem Pongiluppi’s website here. What do you guys think of these incredible mashups? We’d love to hear what you think so drop us a line in the comment section. Until next time, we at DFTG would love for you to stay tuned for the latest in entertainment and pop culture news, and remember the most destructive power in the galaxy is insignificant to the power of the Force.

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