Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent Revealed As New Squad-Based Shooter (VIDEO)

Playing almost opposite to the Predators series, the Aliens series trades the wide-open planetary hunting grounds for tight, confined spaces within spaceships and various facilities for many of its storylines….

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Monster Hunter World Receives Alien Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

Monster Hunter World and Aliens Collide With This Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

As anyone who’s the played TGA-winning RPG knows, Monster Hunter World is filled to capacity with monstrous creatures ready to deal out death to unprepared players. However, it appears this ever-present…

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Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout Not Totally Ruled Out for Console Release, But Switch Has Priority

When rumors started flying around about the next Alien video game, fans were hoping for a follow-up to Isolation. However, the day finally came that Alien: Blackout was announced, but…

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Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout Officially Announced, Stars Amanda Ripley

Many of you may have noticed the recent teasers that were hinting at a new game based on a certain hit horror film franchise. That said, Alien: Blackout has officially…

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Official Alien Twitter Account Teases New Game With Ripley’s Daughter (VIDEO)

The Alien franchise has been providing fans the thrill of pure terror for generations across multiple platforms. Where most of the films focused on Ellen Ripley and her fight for…

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Rick and Morty Facehugger Funko POP! Now Available

Rick and Morty continues to be the show that people can’t stop talking about. Now that we’re not all fighting over szechuan sauce, we can move onto other (more important) matters … like…

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Eerie Fan-Made Destiny 2 Trailer Re-Imagines The Game As A Horror Film (VIDEO)

Destiny and Destiny 2 aren’t known for being particularly scary but there are moments where players can genuinely feel some semblance of terror, namely whenever facing enemies in the dark…

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Run, Play, Hide: This Custom Xenomorph Controller Is One Terrifying Creation! (VIDEO)

In celebration of the upcoming Alien Covenant movie and the love for all things Xenomorph, fans of the Alien franchise take note! A custom built PlayStation 4 controller has emerged…

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These New Alien: Covenant Teaser Clips Bring the Suspense and Trepidation (VIDEO)

Alien: Covenant is almost here, just a few more weeks to go before the next phase in the Alien franchise releases in theaters world-wide. With no shortage of videos or…

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Heartbreaking Last Messages Back Home From the Crew in Latest Alien: Covenant Trailer (VIDEO)

From the teasers we’ve seen thus far, the latest installment to the Alien franchise ‘Covenant’ is going to be just as terrifying as fans would expect. With the film’s release…

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