Alexander the Great Set to Conquer Civilization 6 in New Civ DLC – Watch the Trailer Here (VIDEO)

Firaxis has just announced the next Civ DLC coming to Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. Arriving on the heels of their Persia announcement is the new civilization of Macedonia. Plenty of new features come with this new add-on, so let’s dive into the details!

Alexander the Great will be the leading force behind Macedonia in this upcoming Civ DLC. Macedonia will feature a Hellenistic Fusion ability, which will provide a bonus for each city conquered. The rewards will vary depending on the districts built in each city, but we’re sure they’ll be an advantageous addition to the grown roster of playable civilizations.

Alexander the Great will also come with his own bonus that reduces the amount of war weariness. This will grant the player the ability to engage in lengthy war campaigns without all the penalty. If that’s not enough to make you hungry for the spoils of war, Macedonia also features two unique units and a building to boot.

The Civ DLC will bring Macedonia the Hypaspist, a replacement of the swordsman that gives the player an advantage when attacking districts. The unit also includes a greater support bonus than the standard units other civilizations will be using. The second unit, the Hetairoi, will replace the horseman and begins with a free promotion. To top it all off, Macedonia’s unique building, the Basilikoi Paides, provides science when building non-civilian units in the city and also grants bonuses when making particular military units. Check out the full video below:

While there are yet no details specifying how or when this latest Civ DLC will be released, those who dropped a little extra for the Deluxe Edition will be getting Persia for free. Both DLC’s will be included in the Double Civilization and Scenario Pack coming with the Spring update. So get ready for just one more turn as you hit the battlefield with these latest updates for Civilization 6!

What do you think of the Macedonia addition? Will you be adding Persia and Macedonia to your list of civilizations? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below or start your own on our Disqus! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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