Epic Games Store Adding Mods, Achievements, Cloud Saves, And More

Epic Games Store Begins Adding Achievements

The Epic Games Store has been chugging along since its inception, not only giving players free games every week, but also providing developers with a better service than they might…

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Google Stadia Games

Google Stadia Debuts New Achievement System

Google Stadia hasn’t exactly seen the smoothest of launches, but for it being what many consider to be the future of gaming, the train isn’t coming to a halt just…

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A Way Out Achievements

‘A Way Out’ Achievements Revealed, Fewer Than Expected

Hazelight Studios’ may be (in)famous for outspoken developer Josef Fares, but also for the upcoming co-op title A Way Out. The game emphasizes teamwork to achieve the goal of escaping a…

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Xbox One Update

Upcoming Xbox One Update Includes A Few New Features, Including That Beloved “Do Not Disturb”

As Microsoft rolls into 2018, they look ahead to improvements they can make within their consoles. From user feedback and innovative enhancements from the team behind the Xbox platform, a…

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Dark Souls Achievements

Speedrunner Earns All Original Dark Souls Achievements in 4 Hours (VIDEO)

One of the biggest gaming fixations to arise from the world of livestreaming in recent years has been in the realm of speedrunning. The advent of sites like Twitch have…

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Potential Nintendo Switch Achievements system in development

Indie Developer Hints at Achievements System Coming to Nintendo Switch

Many hours get chewed through every day by gamers looking to rack up Achievements and trophies on their consoles of choice.  The tasks required of these digital golden stars can…

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Achievement List for Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Revealed Along with Hint at New Project

343 Industries have released the full achievement list for the upcoming Halo Wars: Definitive Edition on their blog. The total points combined will equal 1,500 to add to your gamer…

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