Sony Quickly Removes PS4 YouTube Video After Using Xbox’s Exclusive Anthem Footage from BioWare

Mistakes happen, we’re all human – unfortunately mistakes on the internet last forever. Sony’s YouTube channel just had their very own “oops” moment when they used Xbox exclusive Anthem footage and shared it as their own on their PlayStation 4 channel with a little video editing.

You can always count on NeoGAF to point out the reasons for mistakes, because initially fans couldn’t understand why the video was suddenly deleted from the PS4 channel about the upcoming BioWare title. Looks like the Sony team got a little creative with the footage, because the Xbox buttons could be seen underneath the overlayed photoshop of the PlayStation prompts. Whoops!

Of course things like this can’t go on without a little good humor. Xbox marketing manager poked a little fine at the Sony camp with one simple tweet:

Sony has yet to comment on the misstep, but we’re sure one will inevitably show up (and we will update this accordingly). Companies share the same footage all of the time but what makes this mistake a little more notable is the blatant use of footage specifically used for the Microsoft side of the platform spectrum. The video in question was footage from Microsoft’s big Anthem reveal at this year’s E3 specifically for the Xbox One X edition. Another thing to note too about this is that the latest Xbox console is reportedly noticeably more powerful than the present PlayStation consoles, so the footage seen on the PS4 accounts may not be indicative for 100% accuracy.

Either way, mistakes were made, jokes were had, and public statements will be issued. Just another day on the internet, DFTG readers. We haven’t jipped anyone’s video footage, but we do post gaming and entertainment news and other misc gaming goodness over on our own Twitter if you fancy a gander. What do you think about the little whoopsie from Sony’s camp? What do you think the reaction would be if the Microsoft or PC camps made this mistake? Same reaction or far worse? Sound off and tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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