Xbox One Adaptive Controller Features Easy Access Packaging (VIDEO)

Xbox One Adaptive Controller Features Easy Access Packaging (VIDEO)

A few months back, Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox One Adaptive Controller, a gaming peripheral specifically designed for gamers with disabilities and limited mobility. Despite an initial lack of product specs, Microsoft was praised for its inclusiveness, and gamers have been looking forward to more information regarding the unique controller. Now, Microsoft has gone a step further and revealed that the Xbox One Adaptive Controller will also feature easy access packaging, to continue on with its theme of inclusiveness. Here’s how Microsoft went about designing the packaging for the controller:

“Our packaging is a series of moments that create a unique customer experience.  These moments can manifest themselves in many ways.  Physical touchpoints, visual or material cues and structural elements are designed to lead the customer through a logical and seamless unboxing.  With the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we knew we had to make the packaging accessible for gamers with limited mobility.  That required us to re-think some things about how we package our products, including what type of moments would be most meaningful. It was critically important that we incorporate accessibility into the packaging design and unboxing experience. The out-of-box experience is the first thing customers encounter when they purchase our products and it’s important that we get that right.”

Check out the video below to see the packaging in action:

Here’s the breakdown of the unique packaging for the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, courtesy of Microsoft:

  • Both the single-shipper and retail package have been designed to “unfold” to reveal what’s inside with minimal friction. The shipper reveals the retail package, and the retail package reveals the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • Discreet air cells integrated into the shipper packaging for protection for the product while maintaining a small footprint and clean design.
  • Every major step of the unboxing incorporates loops, a feature that we heard resounding positive feedback on from beta testers. Loops are a highly proven lever to assist in accessibility.  The leveraging of loops begins with the tear-strip on the single shipper, kicking off the out-of-box experience seamlessly.  On the retail box, a specially designed ‘break-the-seal’ label (which keeps the box lid secured to the base) employs two loops, for multi-directional removal.   A soft, grey loop initiates the opening experience, then there are integrated loops on both the paper Quick Start Guide (QSG) and cable folio.  There are five loops on the XAC packaging from beginning to end.
  • An open cavity area under the controller, enabling multiple ways to remove the controller from the box, including pulling via the loop or sliding it out directly.
  • The box has a low center of gravity, grounding the unboxing experience and creating a sense of stability for the end-user. Additionally, the hinged lid provides a low-effort, single-pivot access into the package.

With the unveiling of the packaging for the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, we now have a more concrete release window for said controller. It will be available in September 2018, and those looking to pre-order it can do so here.

So, thoughts on the upcoming controller? Plan on purchasing one for yourself, or a friend? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!


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