Xbox Head Responds to Overwatch Director’s Objection of Mouse-Keyboard Controls on Consoles

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Not long ago, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan voiced his opposition for mouse-and-keyboard controls on consoles. Kaplan cited that the device combo’s superior precision and maneuvering setup would create an unfair multiplayer atmosphere for players who favor controllers. Discussions between Blizzard, Microsoft, and Sony are currently taking place to decide whether or not the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will support mouse-keyboard setups in the future.

“The Overwatch team objects to the use of mouse-and-keyboard on console.” -Jeff Kaplan

Xbox head Phil Spencer, not shy about making his opinions known, expressed his take on the situation via social media earlier this week. In the Twitter post, the Xboss admits the inherent advantage that traditionally PC controls would provide during console play, but ultimately prefers that creators should have the final say in how their games are experienced.

Neither Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One officially support mouse-keyboard controls as of yet, but that hasn’t stopped players from using them in alternative ways. Among other methods, peripheral converters have made a PC control setup possible on consoles. These conversion devices are one of the topics being discussed between Xbox, PlayStation and Overwatch overlords Blizzard. Jeff Kaplan has stated that the talks are aiming to fix the control problems, and will either result in full prohibition of mouse-keyboard controls or official adoption across their respective systems. One thing is for sure, anything would be better than trying to play Overwatch on one of those tiny controller keyboards.

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