Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Kits for Scott and Sara Ryder Released

Andromeda Character Kits

We reported recently on the Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits released by BioWare for the game’s new characters, Lieutenant Cora Harper and Liam Kosta. These kits greatly detailed the character models for the characters, which will very likely by appreciated by experienced members of the Mass Effect cosplay community that will need time to develop an equally detailed cosplay of Harper or Kosta in time for this year’s convention scene. Now, more of these character kits are being gifted to fans, with some of the game’s most key characters represented.

New additions have been posted to the character kits blog post on the official BioWare website, which has the new character kits for Sara Ryder, Scott Ryder, Peebee and Vetra available for download in PDF format. The biggest of the new additions are the character kits for Scott and Sara Ryder, the sibling protagonists of Andromeda. To continue with the kit format, the pdf files show both Ryder character models from multiple angles, thus providing enough visual reference for cosplayers to envision a full 360 degree image of the characters’ costumes. Also included are close up shots of the brother and sister’s armor, showcasing the many details that each plate and portion of their armor displays, as well as color swatches for the various components.

Andromeda Character Kits

Other new high resolution additions character kits are available for newcomers Peebee and Vetra. Both provide the same multi-positional character model shots, as well as the close-ups and color swatches of the characters’ outfits. Peebee’s kit details her Sidewinder revolver as well, and Vetra’s kit greatly displays his high-tech visor goggles. Both of these items will likely be key facets for cosplay fans to really sell their performances as these new fan favorites. What do you guys think about these new Mass Effect: Andromeda character kits? Which of the new characters do you hope to see a character kit of next? Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda news, such as the newest multiplayer gameplay trailer and details about the new dialogue system, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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