Team Ninja, Developers of Nioh, Responds to Co-Op Changes


Ever since it was announced that Nioh had gone gold, fans have been itching to get their hands on the highly anticipated demon-samurai-slashing action RPG. Now that it has released on the PlayStation 4, players have noticed that something is a bit off. At least, those who were able to play the latest demo noticed. When friends had planned to play through the game on co-op and slash their way through the enemy together, they were met with an unfortunate surprise: they couldn’t.

In the final pre-release Nioh demo, players were able to share a password with their friends and summon them to join in on some co-op goodness. In the final retail version… not so much. Now, you will have to had played and beaten a level on your own in order to summon a friend to join. Sounds kind of silly, right? Why would they change it between the final demo and the retail version? Well, according to Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee, it doesn’t seem like they changed it at all. If anything, they added to the demo to show off all of the game’s features. Here is what he said to Kotaku:

You cannot co-op through the entire game because that would make it too easy for players to beat the game. We want players to experience Nioh in how it was intended to be. We allowed players to co-op anytime in the last trial demo only because of the limited stages and time to try out the demo.”

It appears that Team Ninja has always intended for Nioh to be a single-player game with a touch of co-op, much like the Dark Souls franchise it heavily draws inspiration from. This isn’t to say it is a bad thing, but a heads up would have been nice for players. And we can see where Lee is coming from. If a game is too easy, players would lose interest, and that is never a good thing.


What say you, gamers? Have you been playing Nioh since its release? Do you find the lack of initial co-op disturbing, or are you glad it is meant to be challenging? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Before you head down there, however, you should definitely check this out. The rumored Castlevania series has officially been confirmed by Netflix and we are stoked! For more things to get excited about, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter so you don’t miss out on what’s next!

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