WATCH: X-Wing Alliance Mod Adds Battlefront Graphics To The Game

X-Wing Alliance mod

It has been quite some time since a quality flight simulator for Star Wars has been released. While Battlefront II has their Fighter Squadron mode, some fans have been left wanting for more from the “good old days” of Star Wars games. One group has decided that the next best thing may be to create an X-Wing Alliance mod that would give what some fans feel is the best Star Wars flight game in the franchise more of a Battlefront feel. The video below demonstrates the Shader Mod, part of the mod package, in action:

This graphics refresher comes from Alaska Works and is an attempt to clean up the graphics and create some of the same visual styles represented in Battlefront. Players get the chance to relive some of their favorite missions in HD with this X-Wing Alliance mod. Below is the Battlefront II Beta Style video for the mod:

The mod itself is free to download and install from the creator’s website. Players will need to already have the game installed before they can use the X-Wing Alliance mod. The full game is available on PC through Steam and GOG and has some pretty important instructions that need to be followed in order to enjoy the full experience:

Download + Install the ‘X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Craft Pack’ – The XWAU project has been upgrading the 3D models used in the X-Wing Alliance game for years. This is a link to the download page where a compilation of updated 3D models can be downloaded. Look for the “XWAU Craft Pack v1.3” (or newer).

Download + Install ‘ReShade’ – ReShade is an ‘advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software’. It allows for the impressive shader effect described on this website. The shader configuration files provided on this website for X-Wing Alliance are designed for ReShade 3.08. Make sure to click on the correct download link! Install ReShade following its instructions. Make sure to select ‘XwingAlliance.exe’ as the game to apply ReShade to, NOT ‘Alliance.exe’.

Download + Copy the Config Files (from the *.zip) above to the appropriate XWA folders:

-> Download the *.zip file of configuration files (either above or via the button below).
-> Navigate to your XWA installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\X-Wing Alliance\)
-> Then move the “XWA_FX_Settings.ini” from the downloaded config *.zip file into the XWA folder.
-> Navigate to the “reshade-shaders\Textures” subfolder in the XWA folder.
-> Make a backup copy of the “lut.png” file.
-> Overwrite the original lut.png file with the lut.png file from the downloaded *.zip configuration package.
-> Run X-Wing Alliance!
-> Select the *.ini file via ReShade (you may need to press Shift+F2).
-> Use the Pause/Break key to toggle the shaders off when in the menu system (as it flickers heavily).”

Players who think they can handle the lengthy list of instructions may find themselves with a fresh way to enjoy an old classic. The X-Wing Alliance mod promises a new experience for those willing to put in a little work. If not, Battlefront II’s Fighter Squadron mode is a definite alternative.

Are fan-made mods that revive old classics getting developers to pay closer attention to what it is players want in their games? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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